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infused integrates elements of Classic Rock, Alternative and
Blues into a cutting edge all-original Modern Rock experience.
infused is led by singer/guitarist, Shawn Huss,
whose vocal intensity is driven by the need to communicate.
Shawn states, “Over the years I have learned that music is not just
an art form, it’s a way of sharing your
emotions and experiences with countless numbers of people.”
Closely connected to Shawn’s inventive musical style is
guitarist, Rod SkelleyShawn and Rod have been composing
together since High School and are the creative element of infused.
The artistry of Rod's timeless, eclectic style, from intense riffs to
soaring solos to jazz-colored harmonies, demonstrates pure mastery.
The textured sound of Shawn and Rod is supported
by drummer, Ed Longo.
Ed's playing completes infused
with a steady bombardment of explosive, rhythmic fury
tempered with traditional discipline and technique.

Jim Price of PA Musician writes,

"Infused's sound is defined by Shawn's soaring, driving vocals; 
Rod's inventive, texture-shaping leads and riffs; 
and the group's effective infusions of elements
of blues, jazz and hard rock into the mix. 
The group's collective style, demonstrated best on songs like 
"Within," "Don't Shoot Anymore" and
"Your New Place," hints at earlier U2 and Pearl Jam; 
while bluesier geared songs like 
"Silence of Rain" and "Since You Let Me Down"
suggest early Led Zeppelin."

Defying the trends and remaining true to their own unique form, 
INFUSED reshapes the landscape of Modern Rock by pushing 
the envelope towards an experience that will define
music of the new millennium.

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